Spring is approaching, and will hopefully be here before we know it! We do things a little differently here at Creamy Acres. When spring is near we know that means it’s time to put our working shoes on, because there is a lot to get done before the season officially kicks off.

When you visit our farm, you get to see and smell all of the beautiful flowers, the adorable animals, and browse around the cute little country shop. But what you don’t get to see is the many hours of hard work that goes into this. Having a farm requires around the clock work just to keep it up and running. The animals have to be fed, watered, and milked, twice a day, 365 days a year. The hay has to be cut and baled, the fields have to be planted and harvested. There is a lot of physical work that goes in to farming. If you are interested in learning more about how our farm runs on a daily basis sign up (15 or more people) for a farm tour with Farmer Larry! You’ll get to go behind the scenes of our Dairy Farm.

As you know, Creamy Acres is also known for their Greenhouses. The end of February is when we start preparing. Hours of work go into preparing the houses for when all of the tiny plugs(Flowers) arrive. Day by day they grow into these beautiful flowers for you to see and purchase when spring is finally here. Our greenhouses will be ready by early April.  Come visit us, we’ll be waiting for you!

To supplement the greenhouses, we have our Country Store. You can purchase anything and everything for your garden/flowers here. Garden tools, Garden Décor, Mulch and much more. If you love the rustic farmhouse look, we probably have what you are looking for! Come take a look for yourself.

About 5yrs ago we started hosting Lil’ Peeps Easter Egg Hunt & Hayride starting a few weeks before Easter Sunday. This has grown in to a popular event for all of the little kiddos under 10. They absolutely love it! They take a hayride out to the egg patch find as many eggs they possibly can, then you are brought back to Bunny land where you play fun games with your eggs. Lastly, you follow the garden path and see the Easter Bunny, take a picture with him, and exchange your eggs for a treat! Be sure you don’t miss out on this event, here is a link to our Lil’ Peeps Easter Egg Hunt & Hayride page.

It wouldn’t be spring without a trip to Creamy Acres Farm. Plan a trip with your friends and family, we promise you won’t be disappointed!

See you soon!