Holiday Ornamentation

Are you less than enthusiastic to drag out the same old holiday decorations this year? It’s time for a change! If you’re like many of us, last year you vowed to update, replace and rejuvenate your ornament collection. Don’t wait! Stop by now for the best selection of a wide variety of themes, styles, sizes and colors.

Holiday Ornament Themes

There are many reasons why you may want to change and update your holiday ornament look. You could go for a completely themed look for a coordinated design – our various collections include…

  • Coastal, beach and seashore
  • Victorian elegance
  • Fairies and fantasy
  • Sports

Of course, we also carry all types of traditional ornaments in classic colors and themes. To bring a theme together, scatter a few new ornaments on the tree, then continue the theme along the mantle spilling it over onto the tabletops to freshen up the holiday ambiance. Or coordinate your new themed decorations throughout the room, such as by showing your gardening passion with flower ornaments on the tree, similar potted plants scattered about the room and several antique garden tools adorned with bows by the fireplace.

Perhaps you or a family member has a particular interest or hobby. A large Santa figure set atop a table or on the mantle can show your preference. Santa is a jolly old soul as he skis, fishes, pours wine or just carries a large bag full of goodies.

Coordinating Colors

Are you tired of a hodge-podge of different colors? Select just a couple of complimentary colors from your current ornament collection leaving those that don’t match packed away for another year. Add new purchases in the chosen color scheme to round out what you have and give your home a brand new, coordinated look. Attach additional matching ornaments to a holiday wreath with coordinating bow and hang. Or, completely change your color scheme! Assert your independence by choosing a brand new color combination, such as something new and unusual. For true elegance and sophistication, black and white is the new red and green!

Candles Galore

What would the holiday be without candles? Pillar candles of various heights on a decorative plate surrounded by greens and ornaments is a wonderful holiday choice. Floating candles in a glass cylinder with a sprig of holly beneath is exquisite. Scented candles tucked in the corner of the kitchen, bed or bath is always a charming idea and adds a whiff of delicious holiday baking or seasonal scents. Also consider taper candles in the windows, a candelabra on the dining table or a grouping of pillar candles as an elegant fireplace insert.

Lighting Up

The holidays wouldn’t be nearly as festive without lights. Several decades ago, bubble lights were the rage. They’re new again in a variety of sizes and colors, and are far more energy efficient and safer than vintage strands. Icicle lights, twinkle lights, micro-mini lights and fiber optics all create different moods. The new LED lights are available in fabulous colors and are also economical, lasting for many years.

No matter what your style, we’ve got you covered with a wide range of beautiful holiday decorations to take your seasonal décor to the next level. Stop in today to start creating your whole new look, and you’ll love your decorations more than ever.